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Aid Initiatives for the Central Italy earthquake. DONATE WITH CHEFS AND WITH COM.IT.ES


Aid Initiatives for the Central Italy earthquake.                                                             DONATE WITH CHEFS AND WITH COM.IT.ES



Monday October 17, Ristorante Acquerello.

On behalf of the City and County of San Francisco, Consolato Generale d’Italia, COMITES and the San Francisco – Assisi Sister City Committee, please hold the date of Monday October 17, 2016, for a special dinner at Ristorante Acquerello to raise funds for the Italian earthquake relief effort.

Formal invitation will be sent on October 1st.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Richard Armanino at or 650-877-0724 x 311




Hello, my name is Viola Buitoni. Many of you know me as the food expert for the Italian Cultural Institute. You may have attended my cooking classes, or done me the honor of listening to my deeply felt musings on the food culture of Italy.

It's been barely 3 weeks since Central Italy was rocked by an earthquake that killed 300 and left the lives of thousands shattered. I was there, far enough not to physically feel it-though 2 of my siblings spent the night under the moon of the countryside outside Perugia. Emotionally, I felt the full toll of my country's sadness, especially since the regions affected (Umbria, Lazio and Marche) are the playground in which I grew, discovered and came of age.

The towns razed are isolated gems whose cultural roots are firmly planted in a harsh yet generous land. Those who live here, cannot fathom life elsewhere. Those who have left go back summer after summer, to the smells, colors and, most of all, the flavors of a magical childhood.

While the largest losses were in the 3 towns of Amatrice and Accumoli in Lazio and Torquata del Tronto in Le Marche, the territory belted by the fury was wider and it encompasses areas whose food traditions have established Italian cuisine as the standard of excellence all over the world.

There is, of course, amatriciana sauce from Amatrice, and, also from Amatrice, there is gricia, a white precursor to the tomatoey amatriciana. Norcineria, the tradition of salumi curing, is from the Umbrian city of Norcia. Castelluccio, also Umbrian, lentils distill the very essence of legumes. Through times, this area has given so much to the world, that it was not a surprise when the world stepped up to the plate to give back in this hour of dire need.

Chefs and cooks all over the world heeded to the call of Carlo Petrini, founder and president of Slow Food, and adhered to Un Futuro per Amatrice, by donating a portion of the proceeds for every dish of amatriciana sold. (questo è il link alla cosa di Petrini se lo vuoi mettere Others are organizing fundraisers and ongoing donation programs.

Ongoing is a key word in this situation, as the first part of relief is nothing compared to the resources that will be needed for reconstruction and restart. Many Bay Area chefs and restaurateurs are rallying to gather funds. Below you will find a list. Please support them and thank them, on behalf of the Institute, of myself, of all of you who love Italy and its marvelous contribution to our daily lives.

PS: This list includes the chefs, restaurants and events about which we know. If you know of others, tell us. If you are a food person who's contributing in any way, please let us know. We will be updating the list regularly.

  • Locanda - proceeds from amatriciana sales
  • Pizzeria Delfina - proceeds from pizza all'amatriciana, all locations
  • Delarosa - happy hour proceeds from both locations
  • Boulevard - proceeds from supplì sales




The Committee of the Italian ResidenTs Abroad of San Francisco (COMITES), aN Italian goverment volunteer organization with members elected by the Italian citizens abroad, is extending an invitation to all lovers of Italy to donate any amount to the three towns that were afflicted the most: Accumuli, Amatrice and Arquata del Tronto.

If you live in a earthquake prone area, like California, you probably know the feeling. Losing a dear one in the rubble is something that nobody should ever experience. 100% of your donation is tax-deductible and will be fully forwarded from the COMITES directly to the account of the towns of Accumuli, Amatrice, and Arquata del Tronto.

Please support us in any way you can.

For further information about Comites, please contact us at

Help spread the word!