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Memories and Light



Memories and Light

Photopaintings and videos commemorating the Holocaust.

15 of Lisa Borgiani’s photopainting works (Memory) and a video (Light) all taken at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, designed by architect Peter Eisenman, is photographed and interpreted through a present-day lens. A Field of Stelae, a labyrinth of stone pillars, exemplifies the profound anguish cemented in the memory of the Jews murdered by the Nazi regime. The photopainting installation is a series of coloured images shot sequentially amidst 2715 grey pillars evoking the headstones of murdered Jews. The succession of each soft image symbolizes quick meetings and encounters between people pursuing their own paths in a moment that is timeless and in a place without an entrance or exit (sense of being lost), and evokes a disturbing sense of the Nazi regime’s unyielding control through the rippling motion of an uneven pavement disrupting the solid structure. The disorienting effect through the camera lens is intended. The visitor is alone, facing the memory of the genocide in an ephemeral place. The video presents surreal images of people walking through the stelae, appearing and disappearing like ghosts conjured by memory in evocative black and white, with a background of wistful Klezmer music, as Light and colour slowly take over the scene. Lisa Borgiani will be joined by musicologist Francesco Spagnolo, curator of the Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life and lecturer in UC Berkeley's Music Department, in a conversation about the weight and levity of memory, its dimensions both local/national and global, and the role of creativity and art on the globalisation of this theme.To register for the exhibition opening, please use this form.Lisa Borgiani’s biography. Photopaintings: Here Time Has No Time. Video: Memories and Light.Music: Lorenzo Rossi, Infinity Joy Klez.


Date: Thursday, January 30, 2014