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ABC: How to learn Italian in one hour



ABC: How to learn Italian in one hour

Laura Caparrotti takes us on a hilarious journey through Italy and its culture

A very unique method used by Miss Margherita (Laura Caparrotti), a despotic Teacher-Diva, to teach Italian to any Italian student. Starting from what is best known in the US about Italy – Love, Food, Literature, Art, Tourism and Music – Miss Margherita will explain and teach the Italian language, culture, art and tradition to the audience. Miss Margherita will take the audience through Italy, exploring the stereotypical figures for which Italy is known around the world: A=Amore (LOVE) – B= Buono (good like Italian FOOD) – C=Città (CITIES – including Italian dialects). Through scenes from Italian theatre, through music (from old Italian songs to the most contemporary hits) and images, together with the some of the most representative Italian authors from Dante to today’s writers and actors, Miss Margherita will play with the history, pronunciation, and variety of the Italian language AND with the audience. The show will educate the audience on the history of Italy focusing on the cities chosen to be Italy’s best testimonial of differences and similarities within the Nation. The cities are Bolzano, Milano, Firenze, Roma, Napoli, and Palermo. “Everyone should be taught Italian like this.... When the show was over I didn’t want it to end”. Essence of Italy. This event is part of the International Week of the Italian Language. The performance will be in Italian and English and will last approximately one hour. Please register here for this performance.


Date: Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Entrance : Free