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Taranto: Rudders Adrift



Taranto: Rudders Adrift

A year in the city: Words and images from the civilization of steel.

Book and video presentationEV Group & Salvatore Visone present: Cyop & Kaf Rudders Adrift – Taranto: A year in the city.Words and images from the civilization of steel. A trip down memory lane and a look at what remains of the human fodder that contributed for years to the civilization of steel. Taranto, similarly to Naples, has contributed steel mills to an economy that has proved to be devastating for humans and for their environment. Cyop & Kaf tell of the old town of Taranto, portraying it, reliving it through their works, aware that in the near future, those walls, that memory will be erased, removed, to make way for who knows what horrible new speculation masquerading as progress. Then, as if by magic, their works painted on the walls of the old city restore dignity to those who have lived and died without being able to choose how. Please register here for this free event.


Date: Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Entrance : Free