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San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF)



San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF)

Including two Italian films

This year’s San Francisco International Film Festival, the 58th edition, will include two Italian films. Sworn Virgin (Vergine giurata)Countries: Italy/Switzerland/Germany/Albania/Kosovo Languages: Albanian, Italian Year: 2015 Running time: 84 Director: Laura Bispuri Mark is male in name only. Born with the name Hana, but growing up extremely tomboyish in an Albanian mountain village where very traditional notions of womanhood persist, she agrees to forswear her identity and live and work as a man, following local custom. Having relocated to Italy, a place where greater gender fluidity is possible, Hana finds herself able to explore who she really is. Adapted from an acclaimed novel by Elvira Dones. For tickets and film times, please click here. The Wonders (Le meraviglie). Countries: Italy/Switzerland/Germany Languages: Italian, German, French Year: 2014 Running time: 110 Director: Alice Rohrwacher Wolfgang (Sam Louwyck) and Angelica (Alba Rohrwacher) have chosen a back-to-the-land lifestyle in the central Italian countryside. But as the driven, beekeeping patriarch becomes an ever-more-humourless taskmaster, his wife grows less and less convinced that nonstop labour, financial worry and deprivation is what she wants for herself—let alone for their four young daughters. When their eldest, Gelsomina (Maria Alexandra Lungu,) becomes fixated on entering a glitzy reality-show contest, that conflict escalates. For tickets and film times, please click here.


Date: Thursday, April 23, 2015

Entrance : Free