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The Institute officially re-opens with Ferlinghetti exhibition



The Institute officially re-opens with Ferlinghetti exhibition

Reception and painting exhibition

Now that we have finished moving into our new premises, we would like to welcome you with an opening reception featuring the world premiere of paintings related to Europe by the internationally acclaimed poet, painter, ground-breaking publisher and living cultural treasure Lawrence Ferlinghetti, founder of San Francisco's celebrated City Lights bookshop. Over the past six decades, Ferlinghetti has produced more than 2000 visual works, ranging from lithographs and silk-screen images to drawings and paintings, of which some have been exhibited in Italy on several occasions. A main theme of the current exhibition will be Ferlinghetti’s invention of the verb ‘fluxare’ - lovemaking without touching. The selection is also inspired by Ferlinghetti's deep-rooted connexion to Europe on multiple levels: he is half Italian (his father having emigrated from Brescia in the early 20th century), he has lived and studied in Paris, and many of his works pay tribute to such figures as Picasso, Proust, Rodin and Manet. Musical performance by the Artists of the Merola Opera Program. Admission to this event is $25 and you can buy your tickets here. Proceeds go to support the 'We Love Italian' language programme. Valet parking available in Opera Plaza. To view the invitation to this event, please click on the link for the brochure (below right).The exhibition will remain on view until the 4th of December (Mon-Fri 10-5).


Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Entrance : Free