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Being Leonardo



Being Leonardo

A play about Leonardo da Vinci’s life and work

Renowned Italian director and actor Massimiliano Finazzer Flory's latest project brings the immensely multi-talented Leonardo da Vinci to life again on the stage. Being Leonardo da Vinci is a one-act two-scene play which uses theatre to stage the Italian genius's life, art history, science, and contemporary dance. Through the format of an impossible interview, Finazzer Flory "physically" becomes Leonardo. Dressed in period costumes and wearing makeup which reconstructs da Vinci's face, he performs in Renaissance language original texts written by Leonardo himself, among which is the famous Trattato della pittura (Treatise on Painting). Finazzer Flory's Leonardo answers questions about his childhood, his civil and military activities, and how to become a "good painter" (bono pittore); about the relationship between Painting and Science, Painting and Sculpture, and Painting and Music. He comments on The Last Supper and the figures of the apostles, replies to his enemies' attacks, prophesies man's flying, and finally offers maxims and aphorisms to live by in our times. As a prologue to the impossible interview, the audience will be introduced to Leonardo's art by a performance of contemporary dance choreographed by Michela Lucenti. The piece is inspired by one of da Vinci's most famous images, Vitruvian Man, a design that dates back to about 1490 and is now kept in the Gallerie dell'Accademia in Venice. With an extraordinary harmonic connection between space and gesture, two dancers will perform an intense and technical ballet. The play (8pm) will be preceded by a cocktail party (6:30pm) to benefit the "We Love Italian" language campaign which has already helped many schools in Northern California and beyond. Tickets and information:For tickets to both cocktail party and play and for more information, please click here. For tickets to the play without the cocktail, please click here.


Date: Thursday, December 17, 2015

Entrance : Free