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Contemporary Creativity and Cultural Heritage: “Arte Contemporanea a Villa Pisani”



Contemporary Creativity and Cultural Heritage: “Arte Contemporanea a Villa Pisani”

Meet a Masterpiece by Andrea Palladio: A talk by Francesca Pola

This talk is intended to present the project “Arte Contemporanea a Villa Pisani” (Contemporary Art at Villa Pisani) which Francesca Pola started in 2007 as curator, and which is still ongoing. The project develops on-site commissions to contemporary international artists to carry out works conceived specifically for Villa Pisani in Bagnolo di Lonigo, a juvenile architectural masterpiece by Andrea Palladio. The main topic addressed here is the possible relationship between cultural heritage and contemporary creativity, which - as in the title of one of the pieces created for Villa Pisani - can “sing about the past but feel it in the present”. How can contemporary artists, in conceiving a site-specific piece for an historical monument, deal creatively with its cultural heritage, respecting its identity and, at the same time, enriching its possible meaning for us? Artists already invited to the project, and whose works are still on view at Villa Pisani, are Nelio Sonego and Michel Verjux (2007), Igino Legnaghi and François Morellet (2008), Alan Charlton and Riccardo De Marchi (2009), David Tremlett and Bruno Querci (2010), Arthur Duff and Niele Toroni (2012), and Nicola Carrino and Arcangelo Sassolino (2014). Each of their works is presented in the talk, explaining how it addresses a different aspect in the uniqueness of Palladio’s architecture at Villa Pisani, which thus finds a new life and significance for the present. More information about the project is available at Francesca Pola is an Italian art historian and curator, teaching at the Università Cattolica (Milan and Brescia) and IES Abroad (Milan). She is currently Fulbright Distinguished Lecturer in Italian Studies at Northwestern University, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, Department of French and Italian, where she is teaching two interdisciplinary courses about Italian culture in an international context, through visual arts, from the Second World War to the present. Register here for Francesca Pola’s talk on the 18th of April.


Date: Monday, April 18, 2016

Entrance : Free