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Luca Vullo: the voice of the body



Luca Vullo: the voice of the body

Italian hand gestures, what they mean and how to use them

Join us at the IIC San Francisco for an exclusive and interactive live show about the art of Italian hand gestures and body language led by Sicilian filmmaker and artist LUCA VULLO. Visit Luca's website, Italians are reputed globally for their gesticulation (as well as their espresso, gelato, pizza, expensive cars and fine clothing). They express themselves through body language and hand gestures. The feelings bubbling up inside them can’t always be expressed by mere words, but require an accusing finger, an appeal to the heavens, a shake of the fist. But did you know that these complicated hand-gestures actually have meanings? Italians use around 250 gestures a day to communicate. And any gesture can actually be translated into words and concepts. Their body language can express character traits, feelings, even insults. So why do Italians speak with their hands? Can Italians speak without using them? Director and Producer LUCA VULLO will entertain us with a fun hands-on show on the power and the magic of Sicilian and Italian body language. You will learn common hand gestures, how to use body language throughout basic conversations, how to express feelings and emotions through the body, face and hands, and in general, all the symbols and gestures you will need while travelling throughout Italy. Don’t miss this excellent occasion to explore more Italian culture and to learn to speak like an Italian: with your hands and body! It will be a joyful and fun evening where you will discover this unique and peculiar aspect of the Italian language.Register here for this event.


Date: Thursday, April 07, 2016

Entrance : Free