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The Amazons in the Fortunate Isles



The Amazons in the Fortunate Isles

A lost Venetian opera revived by Ars Minerva

After last year’s resounding success reviving the Venetian opera La Cleopatra, Ars Minerva, a San Francisco-based arts non-profit organisation, is bringing back to life Carlo Pallavicino's The Amazons in the Fortunate Isles, another lost Venetian opera never played since its creation in 1679. The opera by Pallavicino takes place in the legendary Fortunate Isles located in the Atlantic Ocean, a winterless earthly paradise inhabited by the heroes of Greek mythology. After their defeat by the Greeks at the battle of Thermodon, the Amazons migrated to the Fortunate Isles, but one day, a Moorish corsair was shipwrecked on the shore ...and everything changed. Please visit this page for more information about this performance.


Date: Saturday, May 21, 2016

Entrance : With fee