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Pier Paolo Pasolini: A Cinematic Life



Pier Paolo Pasolini: A Cinematic Life


Following the publication of the revised edition of Pasolini Requiem, called by the New York Times Book Review “the standard Pasolini biography,” author Barth David Schwartz returns to the Italian Cultural Institute for a conversation with film scholar Noa Steimatsky.

Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922–75) was one of the most important Italian intellectuals of the post–World War II era. An astonishing polymath—poet, novelist, literary critic, political polemicist, screenwriter, and film director—he exerted profound influence on Italian culture up to his untimely death.

Based on extensive interviews with those who knew Pasolini, both friends and enemies, admirers and detractors, Pasolini Requiem chronicles his growth from poet in the provinces to Italy’s leading “civil poet”; the scandalous success of his two novels and political writing; and his transition to film, where he started as a contributor to the golden age of Italian cinema and ended with the shocking Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom. Pasolini’s tragic and still unsolved murder has remained a subject of contentious debate for four decades. The enduring fascination with who committed the crime—and why—reflects his vital stature in Italy’s political and social history.

Barth David Schwartz, a Rhodes Scholar who earned degrees from Harvard College and Yale Law School, is a writer based in Baltimore, Maryland.



Date: Friday, October 20, 2017

Time: From 6:30 pm To 8:30 pm

Organized by : Italian Cultural Institute

Entrance : Free


San Francisco