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Literary Locations (III): Pirandello's Sicily



Literary Locations (III): Pirandello's Sicily

As the third installment of the Literary Locations series, the Italian Cultural Institute presents a screening of the film "Kaos," a brilliant adaptation by the Taviani brothers of four short stories by Pirandello.

After Naples and Rome, the Literary Locations series travels farther south to the place that has perhaps been the most fertile in the recent history of Italian literature – Sicily. And we do that through the eyes Luigi Pirandello, the Nobel Prize winner, whose 150th birthday is celebrated this year.

The scene is Pirandello’s native land around Agrigento and the colors are those created by the Taviani brothers in their film Kaos, an adaptation of four exemplary short stories by Pirandello.

“The country's harshly beautiful landscape mirrors the hard life and fierce passions of Pirandello's people, yet Kaos is a warm and embracing experience, both amusing and rueful, its camera movement as graceful as baroque scrollwork. The film's title, taken from the region in which Pirandello was born, is paradoxical: In portraying the emotional chaos that affects so many of Pirandello's people, the Taviani brothers have created a work of rigorous artistic unity in which character and setting are one.”

In Italian with English subtitles. Release date: 1984. Running time: 188 minutes. Film print form Cohenmedia, Inc.


Date: Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Time: From 6:00 pm To 8:30 pm

Organized by : Italian Cultural Institute

Entrance : Free


San Francisco