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New Italian Cinema



New Italian Cinema

Get a front row seat to Italian life and culture at New Italian Cinema, bringing Italy's newest directors, veteran actors and filmmakers to the Bay Area!

We invite you to join us at the historic Vogue Theatrefor a dynamic film festival showcasing the best new films from Italy, the country that has won the highest number of Foreign Language Academy Awards. A seat at New Italian Cinema offers a unique window into contemporary Italy and its rich traditions.

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OPENING NIGHT | AS NEEDED (Quanto Basta), director Francesco Falaschi in person.

The festival opens with Francesco Falaschi's AS NEEDED , a delightful comic drama that takes us on a culinary road trip to Tuscany, culminating in a contest for young cooks. Vinicio Marchioni is charming as Arturo, a veteran chef with anger management problems who performs community service at a school for teens with Asperger's. Rounding out this stellar cast is Guido (Luigi Fedele), a talented student, and Guido's social worker, Anna (Valeria Solarino), Arturo's unexpected love interest. The Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists awarded the Graziella Bonacchi Award to Luigi Fedele for his exceptional performance in this film that celebrates neurodiversity. Friday, November 30 | 6:30pm

CLOSING NIGHT | THE CALL (La Convocazione) and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (Aperti al Pubblico), two award-winning documentaries from Festival dei Popoli.

The festival is proud to close with two outstanding documentaries that won awards at Italy's prestigious documentary film festival, Festival dei Popoli: THE CALL, directed by Enrico Maisto and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, directed by Silvia Bellotti. Director Silvia Bellotti in person at the Closing Night Screening. Preceded by the City of Florence Award for the best feature film in competition. Sunday, December 2 | 7:15pm

THE CALL (56 minutes) The police personally deliver notices to appear to jurors assigned to Milan's CourtofAssize, which tries the most notorious crimes in Italy. Enrico Maisto's documentary is anexceptional chronicle of that special day when a citizen comes into direct contact with the administration of justice. The Call was awarded Best Mid-lengthDocumentary at Hot Docs and the Premio MyMovies Audience Award at Festival dei Popoli.

Followed by (without an intermission):

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (60 minutes) The social housing authority of Naples manages the 40,000 public housing units of the city and province. Its offices, open twice a week, become the stage of vigorous verbal arguments between the employees-whose task is to apply norms and regulations with impartiality-and the multitudes of applicants who need help with housing. Silvia Bellotti's nonjudgmental lens oscillates between capturing Kafkaesque absurdity and quirky episodes of Neapolitan comedy. Open to the Public won the Premio del Pubblico (Audience Award) at the 2017 Festival dei Popoli.

Highlights of the Festival include:

THE LAST PROSECCO | Saturday, Dec. 1 | 6:00pm  Antonio Padovan's witty thriller unravels on the hills of Valdobbiadene, where Prosecco grapes grow. The film features Rade Serbedzija as a count fighting to protect his terroir and Giuseppe Battiston as a stubborn police inspector who has a murder to solve. The Last Prosecco explores the effervescence of bubbles, and the conflict between those who are driven to exploit the environment and those who are called to protect it at all cost.

HOTEL GAGARIN | Saturday, Dec. 1 | 8:15pm  A crooked producer dupes five hopeful Italians into traveling to Armenia to shoot a film. Nicola (Giuseppe Battiston), a rumpled history teacher, can't believe his script will actually be produced, while flighty Patrizia (Silvia D'Amico) embraces her unexpected acting career. Their shooting location, the secluded, wintry Hotel Gagarin, becomes home when they are marooned in Armenia for months because of a military skirmish. Preceded by the short film THE WHOLE WORLD, ONE STEP AT A TIME. Director Gianmarco D'Agostino in person.

MANUEL | Sunday, Dec. 2 | 12:00pm  At 18, after a five-year sojourn, Manuel leaves the education center where he was placed after his mother was jailed. He is unusually focused on his main objective: taking responsibility for his mother so that the two remaining years of her sentence will be commuted to house arrest. Shot in a neorealist style, Manuel features a stand out performance by Andrea Lattanzi as a sweet young man who desperately wants to do the right thing.

BOYS CRY | Sunday, Dec. 2 | 2:15pm  Matteo Olivetti and Andrea Carpenzano turn in stellar performances as Mirko and Manolo, best friends who live with their single parents in a tough neighborhood of a Roman suburb. They are still in school, training to be caterers or barmen, and making minimum wage delivering pizzas. An accident sets off a chain of events, propelling them from good-natured, roughhousing buddies to thugs on the bottom rung of the local gang's ladder.

THE LAST ITALIAN COWBOYS | Saturday, Dec. 1 | 3:45pm  This beautifully lensed documentary is a love song to the Maremma region and the cowboys who work on one of the last ranches that breeds cattle and horses in the wild. Shot over the changing seasons in an area that stretches between southern Tuscany and northern Lazio, the film explores the identity of these weather-beaten wranglers, their synchronicity with the rhythms of the land, and their relationship with the animals they steward.

EASY | Sunday, Dec. 2 | 4:30pm  Isidoro, known as Easy, is lonely and depressed after an unexplained weight gain ends his career as a go-kart driver. When his brother Filo offers him a job so he can get out of the house and behind the steering wheel again, Easy accepts. The assignment seems simple, but the journey is epic: He has to ferry a coffin (containing the body of a worker) from Italy to a small village in the Carpathians, in Ukraine. Director Andrea Magnani in person.

Make a date to view the best in Italian contemporary cinema and brush up on your language skills at the same time! Bring friends and family--group tickets and discounted passes available. Click the INFO & TICKETS button to browse all of this year's films and see the complete schedule.

Andiamo al cinema!

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