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humanities > CALCrossroads of Knowledge: Italy and the Republic of Letters



humanities > CALCrossroads of Knowledge: Italy and the Republic of Letters

CALCrossroads of Knowledge: Italy and the Republic of Letters

October 14-15, UC Berkeley, 370 Dwinelle Hall


Organized by Vincenza Perdichizzi (Université de Strasbourg) and Diego Pirillo (UC Berkeley)

With the support of the of the France-Berkeley Fund, the Townsend Center for the Humanities, Rems, the UC Berkeley DE in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies, and the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco.





Friday 14

1.00 PM

  • Diego Pirillo (UC Berkeley), Introduction
  • Annamaria Di Giorgio (Director, Italian Cultural Institute of SF), Welcome Address


1.15-2.15 PM

Chair and respondent: Massimo Mazzotti (UC Berkeley)

  • Zhonghua Wang (UC Berkeley), Daniello Bartoli’s China: Jesuit Information Networks and the Republic of Letters across Eurasia
  • Anahit Manoukian (UC Berkeley), Playwrights and Critics: Theater Culture in Eighteenth-Century Madrid and Naples

2.15-4.15 PM

Chair and respondent: Thomas Dandelet (UC Berkeley)

  • Stefania Tutino (UCLA), The Roman Curia and the Republic of Letters: Authors, Publishers, and Censors
  • Giorgio Caravale (University of Rome), Forbidden Books and the Republic of Letters
  • Daniel Stolzenberg, (UC Davis), Between Westphalia and Enlightenment: Catholic Scholars and Dutch Bookmen during the Papacy of Alexander VII

4.15-4.30 PM | Coffee break


4.30-6.00 PM

Chair: Diego Pirillo (UC Berkeley)

  • Anthony Grafton (Princeton University), Cesare Baronio and the Republic of Letters

Keynote lecture.

Respondent: Gemma Tronfi (UC Berkeley)


7.00 PM | Dinner


Saturday 15

9.00 AM | Breakfast


9.30-11.00 AM

Chair and respondent: Jonathan Sheehan (UC Berkeley)

  • Kristen Keach (UC Berkeley), Between Words and Images: How Diego Valadés Read Dante's Commedia
  • Filippo Sambugaro (Université de Strasbourg), The Anglo-Tuscan Republic of Letters: Antonio Montucci in 18th century England
  • Christopher Geary (UC Berkeley), World Literature and the Early Modern Republic of Letters


11.00 AM-12.30 PM

Chair and respondent: Stefania Tutino (UCLA)

  • Giovanna Ceserani (Stanford University), Of Books and Horses: Traveling in the late Republic of Letters
  • Thomas Dandelet (UC Berkeley), The Empire of Letters in 17th Century Sicily: Filadelfo Mugnos, Humanist Historian of the Sicilian Nobility


12.30-1.30 PM | Catered lunch


1.30-3.00 PM

Chair and respondent: Ethan Shagan (UC Berkeley)

  • Deborah Blocker (UC Berkeley), The Alterati of Florence (1569-ca.1630): a localized and secluded Republic of Letters?
  • Vincenza Perdichizzi (Université de Strasbourg), The Battle Against the Books and the Italian Way to Modernity


3.00-3.15 PM | Coffee break


3.15-4.45 PM

Chair: Vincenza Perdichizzi, (Université de Strasbourg)

  • Paula Findlen, (Stanford University), Francesco Algarotti’s Newtonianism for Ladies: The Imagined Community of Women and an Eighteenth-Century Bestseller

Keynote lecture

Respondent: Sally Tucker (UC Berkeley)


4.45-5.15 PM | Final discussion and conclusion



Data: Da Ven 14 Ott 2022 a Sab 15 Ott 2022

Ingresso : Libero


2000 Carleton Street Berkeley, CA